Write a traveling guide to Bali

Bali is a very beautiful place to go to. Many hundred thousand of tourist visit Bali every year and they get amazed about how beautiful does the Bali looks. How beautiful are the surroundings of the Bali?

These are the following things that will amaze new travel which is traveling for the first towards BALI.

  • Bali is a beautiful place, and they have a lot of vendors strolling around. Make sure the person keeps moving because these vendors are there to snatch the money from the person. Never ask about the price keep eyeing the things these vendors are selling choose the one which is best suited for the personality. Then ask for the price otherwise they will make sure that tourist purchase from them if asked randomly.
  • Bali is extremely not all of the people who visits Bali always say that if someone says anything about Bali being the cool and calm place. Don’t believe them it is hot all the year mostly with thirty-two centigrade temperature. Yes, Bali is this extremely hot. Make sure the person who is traveling there keeps all kind of the shorts in his packaging. The shorts and swimmers are the best things to take with one person for one long trip. The best time to visit the Bali is July it is windy, but the weather will still be hot.
  • Bali beaches are not one of the best beaches in the world. The water is not clear the water does sometimes smell too, but the current of the waves is very unpredicted. Bali beach lacks the consistency of the flowing water. Sometimes water will be flowing to slow and sometimes water will be flowing too When compared to the beach of Australia Bali is somewhat very normal. But there are some good beach clubs in the Bali that make some of the parts of the beach to stay for long hours and enjoy the weather.
  • Bali has a beautiful culture where a person who is traveling to Bali will experience the premium culture of the Bali. The Bali has small and big temples. There is no limit to some temples present in the Bali. People in Bali always like praying and offering something to their Gods. They rituals are so interesting to watch, and it is amazing to see how from grandparents to parents, and then children take pride in performing those children. They are well versed in their cultures. They know how to perform a ritual.
  • To visit the temples in Bali one needs to have sorang and sash. The women and man need to cover their feet with the Sorang and sash. These are necessary to enter the temple without these no one is allowed to enter the temple. So these can be bought at the extremely low price from the locals. They can also be hired from someone on the rent. Bali main source of attraction has been temples so this is a must keep.

This travel guide by ibn battuta covers almost all the basic of traveling to Bali.