wrong slogan on the social media

What does Hillary Clinton miss in her social media campaign?

The wrong slogan on the social media?

Hillary Clinton has a wrong slogan on the social media. Her slogan was very similar to the Trump but what was the reason that she lost. Trump used his slogan carefully to make sure that his slogan catches the true idea between people. But Hillary slogan was off the charts. She was supposed to make people think for asking them to vote for the America. But instead, she was asking people to vote for her. Her slogan was about how to make America again. But it sounded more like how to make Hillary great again. Many people often said this during Hillary campaign that slogans can catch the eye, heart, and votes of the people. if she had a slogan that could have meant or done more into the crowd the result of the election would have been now a total change. Hillary Clinton is someone who has a good history of politics first her husband now her in the elections. Trump was a new candidate with an obsessive amount judgment. They could have easily taken down the trump. But the wrong slogan made it worse for Hillary.

Proper reach was not targeted

Hillary made another great mistake by not accessing the technology which was in front of her. She accessed the wrong technology. She started the full swing of the campaign in front for the people through the facebook. She told people she will be going live in front of the people through facebook. Since social media has been targeted all along Hillary used everything under her power to make full use of the social presence by going live on the facebook. The idea was great but technological efforts were wrong. Only those people can access facebook live which had a proper account that was properly verified. Since the account was not verified and was not present in front of the people they couldn’t reach her facebook live all the time. She might have achieved few points here and there on the facebook live but what she was aiming for was not achieved through social media technology.

Celebrity opportunity missed

There was a time when Hillary could have made a huge impact on the social media through the celebrity pages. But Hilary ran out of the gas when she missed an opportunity to meet huge audiences through social media pages. She missed the opportunity when she could have addressed more than thirty or forty million people in one time. Celebrity was a huge target if they could have easily scored the promotion through one of their pages. They could have easily reached the top of the line. But Hillary missed that opportunity and burned the fumes of the campaign through social media right there. Celebrities have a huge fan following them have almost fifteen million or more than fifty million fans on the table. There are people who would follow once seeing the verified account on the social media of celebrity.