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Steps for the registration of a company in Abu Dhabi

After analyzing the success of the Abu Dhabi business market, most of the investors have an interest in opening a company in this flourishing region. You must have also wondered about the question of How to register a company in Abu Dhabi since it provides many benefits. Survival in the business market becomes really easy and productive for the people who have registered companies and operate through a proper channel. The whole procedure of getting your company registered is as follows.

Decision of the national partner

The national partner is also known as the sponsor. Because of the laws, there is the rule to have the local partner in your business proceeding. There are certain kinds of services which can be taken from that sponsor, and they should be clearly defined in the contract. One option is that you get assistance from the sponsor in the problem you face while doing the business. Or else, you just pay a yearly fee to the partner, and they do not have any concern in your business activities.

Approval from the DED

You start a business by a name, it should be decided earlier. DED is the Department of Economic development which is responsible for the registration of any business in the economy. A proper application form is filled which contains the name as well as the activity you are going to proceed.

Decision of business premises

Your business premise must be pre-defined during the registration process. Proper research should be conducted in advance to get the maximum benefit. After you have decided your premises, the tenancy contract should be signed. You mention that whether you are taking the premises on lease, contractual, rental or permanent occupancy basis.

Making of MOA and submission to DED

MOA is a memorandum of association which is a must before starting a business in any area of the world. All the future conducts and business arrangements are mentioned in that document along with the detailed information about the partners and profit sharing particulars. All this is then submitted to the DED which is further notified to the Dubai court. The presence of your sponsor is really important in this process. The reputation of Sponsor matters a lot for the successful conduct of business operations.

Submission of all the legal documents to DED

All the legal documents including the memorandum of association, tenancy contract, and license applications are submitted to the Department of Economic development. You pay all the fees and charges. After the submission of all these details, the license is issued to you within a week.

These were some of the simple steps which should be taken to get a registration. Now you should not worry about how to register a company in Abu Dhabi because if proper guidelines are provided, this is not a difficult task. You can get many representatives who provide a comprehensive knowledge about successfully performing these operations.