sahara desert

Favorite animals of kids in Sahara desert

People visit the Sahara desert with their families to enjoy the sand dunes and ergs of the Sahara desert. They visit this place for the animals in the desert. Sahara desert is the place in North Africa where several animals are found, and visitors visit this place to see the animals. Some of the famous animals in the Sahara desert are as follows:

Addax antelope

This is the rarely seen animal in the Sahara desert because this has been hunted during the population of the addax antelope. Due to the hunting of this animal in the excess amount, this is most rarely found. It is also known as the white antelope because of its white color and twisted horns which are long. This is seen in the valley of the Niger, chad and Mauritania. Addax antelope can live without the water almost very long period of time. This is the reason for their living in the harsh climate of the Sahara desert. They can sustain their life during the harsh environment without water. They are found in the region where annual rainfall is almost 10mm. Sahara desert is the place where annual rainfall is upto this limit. This is also the reason for finding the addax antelope in the Sahara desert. This is the favorite animal of kids in the Sahara desert to see the enthusiasm and joy.

Saharan cheetah

This is the most enjoyable and endangeredspecies found in the Sahara desert. People visit the Sahara desert to hunt the Saharan cheetah. They are hunted at night almost. They are the animals who are among the top predators. They hunt for food of the addax antelope and gazelles. They feed on these animals of the Sahara desert. They look like the pale color, dark spots and tear stripes. They look different as compared to the African cheetahs. They are found in the western part of the Sahara desert. They also prey for the hares as their food. They live in the environment with less water. Their lifestyle is the semi-nomadic lifestyle.

Desert foxes

Desert foxes include the several kinds of the foxes such as RespellsFox, Fennec Fox, and Pale Fox. These foxes live in the arid environment with the deficiency of water in the long period of time. They food on the birds and insects of the Sahara desert. They are found in the different regions of the Sahara desert such as the Niger, Sinai Peninsula and Kuwait. They are also found in the Morocco and Egypt. They are the species with the long ears, and these ears help to absorb the heat from the arid land.

Dromedary camels

They are also known as the Saharan camels or the Arabian camels. They are used for the transport and also for the purpose of meat. They are the second largest species after the Bactrian camels. Bactrian camels are found with the two hump whereas the Dromedary camels have the single hump. Saharan travelers including the kids enjoy the traveling at the Arabian camels by sitting on the back of the Arabian camels.